• great sconess0
    IN Home Cooking - Mar 10

    How do you pronounce scone? Either skawn (rhymes with prawn) or scone (with a long o) is correct. Unfortunately creating the perfect scone is a little more difficult than learning how to say it. A scone is a tender, buttery cousin to the American Read More

  • asparagus spears0
    IN Cuisines - Mar 3

    Asparagus is one of those vegetables that just has to be eaten fresh to get the full flavor because when it is canned it turns into insipid mush. It begins to hit the market around the first of February and Read More

  • restaurant review0
    IN Career - Feb 24

    It’s a Monday and you are reviewing the weekend. It was busy and from all indications you think that you’ll chalk it up to a success. As you are perusing social media you do a random search of your restaurant’s Read More

  • red snapper0
    IN Cuisines - Feb 17

    Ciguatera Fish Poisoning is a food borne illness that, once ingested, can be sexually transmitted! It seems pretty far fetched but it’s true. This particular illness is unusual because can be spread through the semen during sex. Therefore, one infected Read More

  • adding salt0
    IN Career - Feb 11

    California recently passed a new glove law that will go into effect over the next six months. It requires that chefs must wear gloves when preparing foods and that there must not be any barehanded contact. Governor Jerry Brown signed Read More

  • chocolate cake0
    IN Trends - Feb 5

    If you think that you don’t  have the time or the training to offer desserts made “in house” at your restaurant you might want to think again. There are thousands of restaurants with amazing menus that fall flat when it Read More

  • salt0
    IN Home Cooking - Jan 29

    Using salt correctly will revolutionize the way that you cook — and the way your dishes turn out. The biggest mistake that most home-cooks make is the fact that they tend to under-season their dishes. Salt is arguably the most important Read More

  • adding salt to plated food0
    IN Career - Jan 21

    Watch any restaurant make-over reality show and one of thee first things that you are going to notice is that the menu is generally not only re-vamped but it is modified to be much more limited. If you go to Read More

  • server at restaurant0
    IN Career - Jan 13

    Most restaurants have a policy of adding an automatic gratuity, often called and auto-grat, of 20% or so to large groups. It ensures that servers don’t work their backsides off with a party of twelve and then end up pocketing Read More

  • cruise ship0
    IN Trends - Jan 6

    Special interest cruises are trendy and fun. For the food lover, whether an experienced chef or a weekend grill-master, a culinary cruise offers all of the relaxation of a cruise vacation right along with culinary classes and demonstrations. If you Read More