Cooking Classes and Culinary Schools in Boston MA

Boston MA

The Rich Traditions of Boston Cuisine Blend Two Cultures

Historically, Boston has been known for seafood and locals insist the creamy seafood soup is called Boston clam chowder, not New England clam chowder. Culinary roots extend to the original colonies, but vibrant changes come from the famous schools in the area that promote modern technology, new culinary trends, and social media changes to society. Harvard and MIT lead the nation in academics, but Boston also makes a great place to study for culinary careers.

Boston’s Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts

This landmark program has ties to Le Cordon Bleu Academy in Paris, and the school teaches basics of classic French and American cooking. The 15-month associate degree program helps students develop the skills and competence to work at many cooking stations in the finest restaurants in the country. Students learn the following skills.

  • Critical food portioning and waste control
  • Baking and pastry skills
  • Wine and beverage knowledge
  • The fundamentals of cuisine
  • Liberal arts courses to round out educational experience
  • Classroom training includes a three-month externship to work in an area Boston restaurant


The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts

Training at this celebrated academy qualifies students to compete for plum jobs in the industry and become award-winning master chefs. The finest chefs learn to make unusual pairings that still get a flavor and nutritional balance, and regional tastes and cuisines offer many new flavors for students to study and include in their menus. The school offers several programs for aspiring chefs including the following.

  • The Professional Chef’s Program lasts 37 weeks, split into pastry and savory subsections of study. Students learn about doughs, cakes, chocolate, meringue, and fillings. The savory section covers soups, stocks, pastas, entrées, and seafoods. The second half of instruction covers European, Fusion and American cuisines.
  • The Culinary Certificate Program takes 16 weeks to complete and covers basic culinary arts skills.
  • The Professional Pastry Program lasts 37 weeks and studies bread baking, cakes, pastries, fillings, frostings, sugar art, gum paste, and chocolate techniques. Students learn to bake artisan breads and study some savory cooking techniques.
  • The Certificate Pastry Program lasts for 16 weeks and concentrates on the theory, science and art of baking and making pastries. Students can easily transfer to the Professional Program if they choose.


The Boston Center for Adult Education

These adult cooking classes help Boston amateurs learn from celebrity chefs about food and wine with hands-on cooking instructions.


Stir Boston

Stir classes offer instruction in the highly regarded Italian and French cooking of Barbara Lynch with dinner parties, cooking classes, corporate events, and wine tastings. Classes fill up quickly, and the food has been praised by Bon Appétit, Food and Wine, and Gourmet magazines.


Famous Culinary Landmarks in Boston

Boston eateries include the Union Oyster House that claims bragging rights as the oldest restaurant in America. Blue Ginger serves as the flagship restaurant for the cooking of celebrity-chef Ming Tsai of “East Meets West” fame. Of course, culinary students will want to see the place where everybody knows their name, the original model for “Cheers,” which graces Beacon Hill. The Parker House restaurant created the first Parker House rolls, which bear its name.

Boston hotspots include Newbury Street with trendy restaurants and sidewalk patio dining, Faneuil Hall on the waterfront with bustling seafood specialties, and South End along Tremont Street that features upscale restaurants that offer the latest contemporary cuisine choices in one of the oldest American cities.