Culinary Schools and Cooking Classes in Los Angeles CA

Los Angeles CA Culinary Arts

Los Angeles sets trends that other areas follow. Vegetarian cuisines first gained popularity among the stars of Hollywood. Now, 3% of Americans claim to eat vegetarian diets, and more people consume lighter meals for health. Celebrity chefs have gained such popularity in media culture that Los Angeles could soon become more famous for food than movie and television stars.

Choosing the Right Cooking School

Some chefs believe that only real-life experience qualifies cooks to handle the demanding challenges of creating culinary masterpieces, but modern cooking schools offer plenty of hands-on experience to students who cook in student-run restaurants, serve food to disadvantaged people and take part in private catering events. Students should check any school’s accreditation, practical cooking programs, education cost, reputation and find out how modern the training facilities are.

1.  Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in Los Angeles

Le Cordon Bleu builds on 100 years of trust, making it one of the premier names that provide respected culinary training. Students who graduate from the school’s rigorous program receive high demands for their skills from restaurant and industry managers.

Diploma in Culinary Arts

The curriculum of each student is managed by a Certified Master Chef. Kitchens come fully equipped with all the latest innovations, so students can transition to professional kitchens seamlessly after graduation. Students get opportunities to hone their skills in a real restaurant, and the school offers externships to leading Los Angeles eateries.

Pastry and Baking Programs

The Pâtisserie and Baking School Program offers comprehensive training, so students can master artisan baking skills, learn to create chocolate and sugar showpieces, and learn to make European pastries. Students can choose from certificate and associates programs.

2.  The Art Institute of California

The culinary program at The Art Institute of California begins by teaching basic knife skills and hand-eye coordination. Chefs must learn to handle chopping, blending, dicing, mincing and whipping skills as part of their well-rounded culinary educations. Chefs must also learn to handle kitchen staff, and the school places great stress on developing business and people skills essential for the modern chef to master. The school offer programs in Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry.

3.  Los Angeles Trade—Technical College’s Professional Baking Program

Professional bakers benefit from this intensive course of study. Students divide their time between classroom instruction and hands-on laboratory work. Baking employs more pure science than other culinary fields, and the college provides commercial kitchens, catering areas and a retail bakery outlet. Students learn the following critical information:

  • Storage, rotation and sanitation procures
  • How to prepare doughs and batters
  • How to operate baking, kneading, shaping and mixing equipment
  • Basic types of pies and cakes
  • Advanced training for croissants, rolls, Danish and puff pastries
  • Preparation of frostings, fillings and custards


The Latest Trends in Tinseltown

Korean barbecue has built a loyal following in Los Angeles for decades, but the salty-sweet beef and tangy kimchi have become more popular in other areas of the country and world. Peruvian foods blend well with fusion cuisines, and Japanese-Peruvian dishes have become very popular in epicurean circles. More contemporary restaurants offer ceviche, Peru’s national dish, because the acids that cook seafood preserve the nutrients and flavors.

California Culinary Students Have Clear Advantages

Students in Los Angeles enjoy many job opportunities, get to meet celebrities and famous chefs, learn about diverse culinary practices and prepare cutting-edge cuisines.

Top-Earning Celebrity Chefs

According to Forbes Magazine, Gordon Ramsay leads the pack, earning $38 million annually. Rachel Ray and Wolfgang Puck need to scrimp on $20–$25 million a year. Guy Fieri, winner of the Food Network Star contest, lands among the top earners. Chef training can lead to great careers and epicurean fame, no doubt. Los Angeles chef training gives aspiring chefs chances to network with demanding but influential clients to launch impressive culinary careers.