• server at restaurant0
    IN Career - Jan 13

    Most restaurants have a policy of adding an automatic gratuity, often called and auto-grat, of 20% or so to large groups. It ensures that servers don’t work their backsides off with a party of twelve and then end up pocketing Read More

  • cruise ship0
    IN Trends - Jan 6

    Special interest cruises are trendy and fun. For the food lover, whether an experienced chef or a weekend grill-master, a culinary cruise offers all of the relaxation of a cruise vacation right along with culinary classes and demonstrations. If you Read More

  • pastry chef0
    IN Career - Dec 31

    Do you have what it takes to be a professional baker? More importantly, is it something you would enjoy doing day after day? If you have always loved to bake it is possible that you could make a living at Read More

  • menu specials0
    IN Trends - Dec 23

    You have your basic menu and it seems to be popular with your guests. Your income is steady but growth has been slow. If that sounds like your then you might want to think about leveraging daily specials to increase Read More

  • shell pasta in vodka sauce on a plate0
    IN Cuisines - Dec 16

    It’s more than filling the belly. It’s serving up memories on a plate. The weeks following the holidays are a good time to introduce a few new comfort food items to the menu. You can even add them as a Read More

  • wine tasting1
    IN Career - Dec 2

    The holiday season is usually a busy one with plenty of people dining out and needing catering for parties. It’s a great time to bring your profit for the year up as well as pick up a few new customers. Read More

  • pink food truck0
    IN Trends - Nov 25

    The growth of the popularity of food trucks has been fast and furious since 2008. There are a number of reasons that have contributed to this amazing growth including the desire for local, artisan foods, the economy, and social media. Read More

  • dining room in a restaurant0
    IN Career - Nov 19

    Do you promote your business on Facebook? Twitter? What about Pinterest? In this age of Internet communication blogs and social media are an increasingly important factor in building a brand. While many businesses are familiar and use Twitter and Facebook Read More

  • holiday buffet0
    IN Career - Nov 11

    Increasing and promoting your business during the holidays can not only significantly multiply your profits for the year — it can set the pace for next year as well. No matter how tight the family income is from January through October Read More

  • pecan pie cheesecake0
    IN Career - Nov 4

        The holidays are a great time to beef up your profits for the year. Giving your guests the option of ordering multiple serving sizes of their favorite sweets, as well as special holiday desserts, builds customer loyalty in Read More