Top Culinary Schools in Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona

Valley of the Sun Creates Sprawling Culinary Influences

 The twin cities of Scottsdale and Phoenix offer trendy bars, ethnic eateries, Southwestern cuisines, and solid commitments to sustainability and local sourcing trends. The area attracts wealthy homeowners and retirees who enjoy the beautiful climate, natural resources and upscale restaurants and shops. Scottsdale and Phoenix cuisine has truly risen from the ashes of cowboy barbecues, steakhouses and Americanized Mexican food to offer some of the most creative eateries of any region of the country.

The culinary renaissance includes lavish spas, vacation destinations, golf resorts and high desert country that encourage creative ethnic cuisines, sustainable foods and diner commitment to local ranch-branded items. Locals push for relaxed regulations for food trucks, a natural evolution in an area that enjoys such great weather year-round. Street foods, food festivals, late-night dining hotspots and premier food and cultural tours have helped the Phoenix area take its place at the forefront of exciting culinary trends nationwide.


The International Culinary School at The Art Institutes Phoenix

the art institute phoenix

Diners have become increasingly sophisticated, demanding information about the nutritional content and sources of their foods when eating at restaurants. Chefs need to understand their food sources, buy local ingredients and organize menus that provide healthier nutrition and special dietary accommodations. The International Culinary School at Phoenix helps to prepare students to meet these culinary challenges by teaching them about nutrition, organic foods and humane harvesting of meats, poultry, eggs and dairy products. Students learn about the latest culinary techniques and trends, but they also learn about classic food preparation techniques essential for creating appealing flavor profiles.

Students can pursue degrees, certificate programs and hospitality management degrees, learning about food sanitation, best business practices and international cooking techniques. Programs include the following culinary programs:

  • Culinary Management
  • Catering Career Development
  • Baking and Pastry Arts
  • Hospitality Management
  • Diploma, Certificate, Associates and Bachelor’s degree programs.


Arizona Culinary Institute

arizona culinary instituteThe Arizona Culinary Institute offers one-on-one training, small classes and intensive career preparation for committed culinary students. The school provides tours, meet-and-greets and opportunities for prospective students to interview the teaching staff and chefs, inspect the modern facilities and get superior overviews of how the school runs. Founded in 2001, the school offers diplomas in Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management and Baking. Students operate a fine dining restaurant that is open to the public, and the school makes an efficient use of time and resources. Over 76% of graduates complete their training in 9 months or less, and over 90% find immediate job placement.


Phoenix College

phoenix college culinary arts

The Culinary Studies Program at Phoenix College teaches professional cooking and baking skills, food and beverage administration techniques, high-volume food production, purchasing and menu planning and customer service techniques. Students graduate with strong practical skills that include the following areas:

1. Students learn classic French and international food preparation techniques.

2. Aspiring chefs get experience purchasing, handling and storing food.

3. Basic nutrition concepts help students learn better menu planning techniques.

4. Food presentation and plating help to create attractive dishes that inspire customers and increase sales.


Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Scottsdale

scottsdale le cordon bleu

The Scottsdale Culinary Institute operates under the auspices of Le Cordon Bleu’s famous culinary, pâtisserie and restaurant management programs. The school has two campus locations in Scottsdale to serve the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Each location has its own student-run restaurant where students can hone their practical skills.


Arizona residents have great commitments to environmental and sustainability issues, and culinary training in the Valley of the Sun places great emphasis on local branding, sustainable food sourcing and healthier dining alternatives.