Culinary and Cooking Schools in Seattle

Inventive chefs, fresh produce, seasonal foods and independent attitudes have made Seattle a leader in sustainable culinary trends, gourmet sidewalk carts and food trucks, vegetarian and alternative cuisines, and radio and television cooking programs. Locally sourced seafood and a range of crops allow local chefs to heighten food awareness and create stunning new culinary trends that American chefs quickly adapt. The local brewing and wine industries complement the culinary stylings of Seattle’s aggressive young chefs.

Local Crops Tantalize Diners and Tourists

The Columbia Valley has a climate similar to France, so environmental conditions produce crops that rival French cuisine. Grapes, cherries, berries, wheat and asparagus help to define cuisines that incorporate special diets, vegetarian cuisines and seafood specialties into superlative foods that impress foodies and tourists. Culinary schooling options support the vibrant food scene, encourage local sourcing and pioneer environmental causes and reducing carbon footprints to encourage chefs to create superior food and beverage offerings with creative flair.


The Art Institute of Seattle

art institute seattle

The school curriculum includes The Art of Cooking and Baking and Pastry training. Students quickly learn basic kitchen skills and advanced techniques that include safe equipment operation, teamwork, coordination and proper sequencing so that foods for large dining parties finish cooking to perfection at the same time. Special courses target the following critical food service skills:

– Food safety and sanitation

– Product identification and purchasing strategies

– Menu management and nutrition planning

– Developing safe knife skills

– Career development

– Management and supervision

Bakers and pastry artists require some artistic talent, but training can enhance the creative process by teaching the technical skills needed to create stunning cakes, desserts and edible decorations and centerpieces. Student can take simple ingredients like flour, sugar, milk and eggs and transform them into magical creations.


Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Seattle

le cordon bleu seattle

Le Cordon Bleu practices a form of total-immersion therapy that exposes culinary students to the real kitchen pressures chefs face daily. Students develop can-do attitudes while learning the intricacies of international cuisines, classic cooking techniques and pastry and baking arts. Programs include the follow courses of study:

1. Culinary Arts Certificate Program

2. Culinary Arts Associate Degree

3. Baking and Pastry Certificate Program

4. Baking and Pastry Associate Degree


Louise Hasson’s Bon Vivant School of Cooking

bon vivant school of cooking

This school offers refresher courses and amateur classes for experienced and beginning chefs to give them the confidence to try new foods, expand their cooking repertoire and find the best food sources for sustainable living. Students learn to use the proper tools and build upon solid technical skills to create new and innovative meals. Classes include series courses and single classes that include the following offerings:

– Vegetable Techniques

– Side Dishes, Pasta and Rice

– Equipment and Knife Skills

– Fish and Shellfish

– Red Meats and Cooking with Wine

РDesserts, Baking and the Art of Flambé


Columbia Basin College – Pasco

columbia basin college

Students can study Culinary/Food Sciences while working toward associates and bachelor’s degrees in applied sciences. The school also offers intensive one-year certificate programs for aspiring chefs who are anxious to put their skills to practical use.