Twisted Concoctions – Turning Typical Recipes Into Healthier Alternatives

Being slightly adventurous by nature, this attraction for the “TWISTED” has not only been relevant to the life choices I’ve made but consequently to the dishes I prefer to order from a restaurant’s menu and the “CONCOCTIONS” I curiously cook up for myself.

The Twisted Sort…

Among other definitions I found on the word “Twisted” is one that means – a quirk of character, an eccentricity or a strange personal characteristic. Foods possess personalities I definitely think so. They can be savory, sour, rich, creamy, tart, sweet, bitter, salty and so on… Like people they mix and match or they clash and fight. The many flavors in this world are all relatively twisted, in the sense that they are unique and exclusive to the ingredient on your plate. It is familiarity to them that makes them trivial and as they say “familiarity breeds contempt”.

Exploring Concoctions

To “Concoct” is to create, to invent and to mix ingredients in order to make something NEW.  A word most creative characters I know most definitely relate to. It is in concocting varied and distinct flavors successfully that which makes a good, awesome cook or chef. It is in the refinement of this essential skill that is why people study in culinary schools. Not only to master a certain dish but to “cook up”, a highly significant alternative to the discourse. The content of your discourse in life varies upon your goal and ideally the goal should be of the common good, not evil. Hence in this case, the pursuit of prime health, sustainability and palatable pleasures.

Matters at Hand

These days, certain All-Time Favorites are by and by found to be high in fat, cholesterol, sodium etc., whereby defeating the purpose of the aforementioned goal. The solution I have found to be is by means of the subject we have at hand – “twisting concoctions”. In a nutshell meaning to replace ingredients and procedures in a recipe in order to concoct a much healthier dish or an appetizing alternative.

Case in Point

In this classic Caesar Salad for example, by simply replacing the lettuce greens with spinach, we’ve given this Caesar whole lot more power! Listed no. 1 on the list of Top10 foods with the most health benefits. Spinach is packed with way more calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, folate and Vitamin A compared with its customary lettuce.

Further on you can replace the bacon bits with seasoned, minced and toasted tofu! You’ve kept the protein without bacon’s bad cholesterol. Unless you are a devout carnivore, you will never notice the difference.

And the egg? Unless you are vegan, keep them! More recent studies have found the yolks to be guilt free and to contain a lot more nutrients than the white. Thus, you need it! Furthermore, the cholesterol in it, has been found not to be primary cause  of heart disease.

There truly is more than meets the eye. The more critical we are about what we put in our mouths the more inventive, and the healthier we can become, don’t you think?

More culinary inventions are cooking up and on their way. ‘Til the next installment of this Twisted Concoction.  Bon Appetit!


- Samantha Samonte

Samantha Samonte essentially writes about cool careers, lifestyles, cuisines and dishes for the culinary set. She spends the rest of her time living life to the fullest in the company of her laptop exercising her creative writing prowess.

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